PCOS Polycystic   Ovary   Syndrome   (PCOS)   is   the   most   common   hormonal   disorder   among   fertile   women.   It   is   estimated   that   it   affects   as many as half a million women in Hungary. It is known that in the formation of this syndrome, a susceptibility to complex metabolic disorder, Insuline Resistency, plays a part. As   it   presents   itself   in   primarily   gynaecological   problems,   this   is   the   area   where   most   patients   first   appear.   Disorders   of   the menstrual   cycle,   painful   menstruation,   fertility   problems   are   the   first   symptoms.   Ultrasound   scans   will   often,   but   not   always,   reveal cysts   overgrowing   in   the   ovaries.   Other   patients   have   skin   problems,   breakouts,   body   hair   overgrowth/hirsutism?/,   hair   loss   and   so will seek help from a dermatologist. These are all important symptoms but the real cause often remains undetected. These   patients   are   rarely   seen   by   a   physician(?),   although   the   real   treatment   would   be   that   of   the   metabolic   disorder.   With   treatment the   menstrual   cycle   can   be   regulated,   often   successfully   induced,   natural   conception   can   be   procured,   skin   conditions   can   be improved. It is important to emphasise that these patients have a higher risk of developing diabetes, obesity and hypertension. Women of thinner stature are just as likely to develop this disorder as others. Thyroid disorders can also accompany IR in PCOS. Vissza az előző oldalra
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